On Ortons and OOBs... - Smoky Moments Photography

Sometimes we exhibit images in our galleries that are the results of special processing techniques. We discuss the creation of High Dynamic Range images in another area of Smoky Moments. Here we would like to offer some information about two other techniques, Ortonization and OOB (Out Of Bounds) photography.

Ortonization, named for its originator Michael Orton, involves the blending of two different versions of the same scene. One of the images is sharply focused, while the other is deliberately blurred. When the two images are properly combined in a photo editing program like Photoshop the result is an image with a dreamlike appearance.

An "Orton" image is different from a soft-focus image made with a diffusion filter in that it retains areas that are in sharp focus.A dreamlike "aura" is created by the blending of sharp and blurred elements of the original scene. Some appropriate subjects exhibit an element of romanticism when "Ortronized".
It is with these types of subjects that we use the Orton technique to add that "certain something" to elevate a normal scene to a more ethereal realm.

OOB, or Out Of Bounds, photography is a technique where images appear to "escape" their frames and take on a 3D appearance. An image is opened in a photo editing program like Photoshop and combined with several different layers to create the illusion that the image extends beyond its original borders.

The OOB technique can often be seen in advertising, magazine covers and the like. We use it at Smoky Moments as a means to create unique, whimsical images that are meant to elicit more chuckles and guffaws than oohs and aahs. Enjoy!